About the Author

I’m a Storyteller who likes to laugh. This blog brings my years of life experiences and unbridled humor to the written word. It is a lighthearted look at myself. That doesn’t mean I avoid deep sh*t. I’m often in it so I’ll share that too. I’ve always wanted to say I’m a writer so I thought I would start a blog…to write.

In My Life I’m focused on self awareness, aging gracefully with courage, and achieving my bold dreams. Friends call me Dedicated and Loyal. I say I’m a chocolate lover who likes to tell people I saw The Beatles live in concert. I am the compiler and keeper of the family history and an avid Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan. I have two favorite places where I want to be at all times: Orioles Park at Camden Yards and Central Park in NYC. Ok, three places. The Beach is also where I want to be.

Most importantly, I am a seeker of world peace. But I also vow to achieve peace of mind. One day I will leave the fast paced world behind and settle down in a little cottage on the beach (I’d settle for a condo) where I can spend my days and nights writing, reading, helping others, and exploring my creativity.

My writings will often reflect my affection for my home town, my two favorite parks in the world, and the most prolific song writers the universe has ever heard. But mostly my writings will come from my heart where my innermost thoughts and feelings are capture but yearning to be free.

This blog is my creative outlet. My artistic expression. I met these fabulous women who said, share your blog. So here it is. And below, that’s me with my brother and niece at Orioles Park at Camden Yards on left. And on the right I’m on Bow Bridge in Central Park. Enjoy!