I Don’t Care…If Gray Is In My Hair

I don’t care if gray is in my hair.  This new discovery came quite by surprise.  I’ve been watching in the  mirror for weeks now concerned that the truth is coming out.  I’m not a warm hazelnut brunette.  The pandemic that is keeping me from my beloved every 4-5 week journey to the salon, is also allowing me to see how very long it takes the gray to bother me.  It’s been almost 3 months, and I’m still not bothered.

The reality is that everyone is showing their gray, regardless of age.  Gray is almost my new favorite color.  As people show up on zoom calls and make apologies for “bad hair days,” I revel at the obvious…they all have gray hair!  Because I was concerned that people would see me as old, or older, I feared the worse when I missed one, then two, then three salon appointments. Heck, there are 30-somethings who have more gray hair than me.

I’m not making a bold statement here about my plans for the future of my timeless tresses, but I will say that as of today (repeat today) I am not in a hurry to rush out to the salon for a color treatment – whenever the allowable time arrives.  I’m good for now, thank you.

Now, about the cut (ugh)!

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